English Year 1 – Lunchtime (Week 2)

Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete my first week with my new Year 1 kids… They also showed their interest to participate with the activities and enjoyed themselves during the lessons… For next week, we are going to revisit the food which they have learnt last week and review the structure that they have learnt in previous topic.

I like … / I don’t like

This week pupils will review the structure – I like … and I don’t like … with the food they have learnt last week. So, for those who are not yet master the vocabulary, this is the time for them to review the food from the previous week. I’m going to reintroduce the with the emoticons – happy and sad face to symbolise I like … and I don’t like … It will help the pupils to understand the concept easily.

Listening activity

For listening activity, pupils are going to listen to the chant and determine the food ‘I’ like and don’t like based on the chant. The audio recording will be played twice to give some time for the pupils to listen and understand the chant. Then, pupils will draw the happy or sad face based on what they have listened. To check the answers, I will play the recording again and pause at every verse of the chant and ask the pupils to respond.

Speaking activity

During speaking lesson, pupils are going to cut and paste the put in the columns – I like and I don’t like. Then, I will ask them to take turns sharing what they like and don’t like to their friends in the group using the structure – “I like …” and “I don’t like …”. Then, each pupil will be called to the front and present themselves individually.

Reading activities

For reading activities, pupils will be tested on their understanding to comprehend the statements given. For the first activity, pupils will read the simple sentences (the sentence structures – I like / I don’t like and the food) and draw the face. For the second activity, pupils will look at the pictures and choose the correct statement.

Writing activity

Lastly, for writing activity, pupils are going to write about the food using the sentence structures they have learnt – I like and I don’t like. Pupils will write the sentences in neat legible print.

So far, these are what I’m going to do next week. Hope, I will give you some ideas to carry out activities in your lessons. Stay tuned! Bye for now.